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About Us

Our Mission
The Professional Photographers of California is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to enhancing photography through the passionate pursuit of education, sharing and unity.

Our Vision
Promote, educate, enhance and inspire the professional photographic community.

Core Values
We value:

  • Education
  • Integrity
  • Ethical Behavior
  • Mentoring
  • Sound Business Practices

Our History

Founded in 1947, The Professional Photographers of California was originally incorporated as the Professional Photographers Association of California with Paul Kennedy, Sr. serving as the first president.

In 1952 PPC held it’s first convention in San Francisco. On August 15, 1978, the name was changed to what it is today, the Professional Photographers of California, Inc.

Today, Professional Photographers of California, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c)6 trade association of professional photographers, employees, suppliers, and others allied to the profession. Professional Photographers of California offers a variety of opportunities for its members and is one of the largest state affiliates of the Professional Photographers of America.

Proposed PPC By-Laws Update

Bylaws Rev2023

PPC By-Laws


PPC Standing Rules