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Chris Wooley - Book More! Make More!

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“In-Person Sales (Tips and Tricks for Making More Money)” – Day 1 (June 14)

Learn how to make more money in your photography business by implementing In-Person Sales. We’ll be learning how and why the In-Person sales process is used by some of the top photographers in the nation, and how you can implement this process into your photography business – no matter what type of photography you do.

Topics includes:

What is In-Person Sales

How to make more money

Why you should be doing it

The IPS process

Projection Sales

Pricing models

Client education

We’ll also have a round table discussion where you can ask questions and get real world answers. I’ll share tips, tricks, and secrets I’ve learned from doing IPS over the last 10 years. And best of all, learn how to increase your sales without being a pushy salesman. Walk away with real-world ideas and direction you can implement immediately.

“Master Your Marketing” – Day 2 (June 15)

Get your marketing on the right track!   In this course learn how to hone your marketing to make the time and money you spend even more efficient.  Learn about client profiles.  Tap into the power of partnership marketing (complete with real world examples and ideas). Focus your social media to match your brand.  Tap into the power or referrals and repeat clients. Each helps you develop stronger and more consistent marketing to get the perfect clients in the door.