Lightroom Lightroom Lightroom…

We have all heard of and most of us use and live by Lightroom. It has become a staple for almost every photographer I know. Technology is ever changing and we need to stay current. Its not just about shiny toys; software can and often will change the way we capture and create our art.


This latest Lightroom is a perfect example. With Lightroom CC Adobe added the ability to make HDR and Panoramic’s right from Lightroom.  No big deal you might be saying? Think again. Imagine if you will an HDR that is composed of 2 to 10 + images in a RAW file! Not an exported and downgraded TIFF, but a beautifully packaged DNG file of HDR bliss. Exposure latitude and all that Lightroom has to offer can now be thrown at your HDR’s. This is game changing! It’s fast and amazingly accurate.  Images look natural and intentional. If you want crunchy it’s but a few clarity adjustments away, although I personally prefer my HDRs to look as natural as possible, but its your call.






Lets not forget Panoramic’s. You already guessed it – Right out of Lightroom you will have your images assembled. It’s nothing short of amazing.  Never before has there been an easier and more beautiful Panoramic option. Once assembled and DNG created, you can adjust in RAW editing bliss.


Panoramic: Nikon D4s 10000 ISO 24mm 1.4 - Hand Held
Panoramic: Nikon D4s 10000 ISO 24mm 1.4 – Hand Held


Heres a twist!  Try a HDR-PANO!  I find myself shooting more panos and HDRs not because I couldn’t do it before, but because I couldn’t do it as effortlessly and with such spectacular results!


Hand Held Pano 10000 ISO 2
Panoramic: Nikon D4s 10000ISO 24mm 1.4 – Hand Held


I’ve heard it said that “Time is Money”.  Sounds pretty good, but I’d rather go to lunch than watch a progress bar anytime. The process of creating HDR and Panoramic’s is now the fastest and easiest it has ever been.

They are so easy to do I can write the instruction from memory….(kinda)

  • Make those award winning captures getting everything as perfect in camera as possibleImport into Lightroom (Hold off the urge to tweak and tune at this point – Let Lightroom do it’s magic before you do yours.)Select all your images for the HDR or PANO while in the library module, then go up to Photo > Photo Merge and chose your happiness (You can also right click on the selected images from the grid view and choose Photo Merge as well.)

    You will then be greeted with an easy to understand dialogue box.


Go create and have fun!