Degrees and Merits

As a member of Professional Photographers of California, you can earn credentials and degrees that will spotlight your achievements to your peers and to your potential clients.

Certification Program

The Certified Professional Photographer program is a great tool for marketing yourself. Earning certification isn’t easy: you have to pass a written test and an image review. Once you have the credential, though, it could be the tie-breaker between you and the studio down the street, potentially earning you more business.

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Merit & Degree Program

Offered to PPC members since 1948, the PPC degree continues as a prestigious sign of advanced education in the industry—a symbol of knowledge and quality to consumers and peers alike.

A PPC degree is a symbol of your accomplishments that:

  • Pushes you to continue learning and growing.
  • Helps you market yourself.
  • Helps you justify and explain your prices.
  • Symbolizes your commitment and expertise.

To earn a PPC degree, you must be a PPC member and accumulate 25 merits (or points). PPC members can earn merits through activities like competition, education and teaching.