Photographic Business & Arts Degree

B&AThe Photographic Business & Arts Degree was established by the Professional Photographers of California to encourage its members to continue their professional education and to recognize those members who have satisfied the requirements for the degree.

The degree program promotes success in the photographic profession through a greater knowledge of both the technical and artistic aspects of the photographic process, as well as the principles of marketing and business operation.

The degree is intended as an incentive for members of Professional Photographers of California to pursue the education needed to become successful in the business of professional photography.


Successful completion of 300 hours of accredited education distributed in the following three areas is required for the degree.

  • 100 hrs. Art/technical (includes print, transparency or negative enhancement; black and white or color lab theory, and/or practice; and electronic imaging)
  • 100 hrs. Business/marketing (business management, marketing or sales, computers, public relations, business law, accounting, economics, etc.)
  • 100 hrs. Camera/lighting (includes posing and lighting)

Degree applicants must be members of Professional Photographers of California during the time that the educational credit is accumulated and at the time the degree is conferred. The Photographic Business & Arts Degree is recognition of each individual’s personal educational achievement.

Once achieved, it does not require an annual fee or continued membership in PPC.

For more information contact Larry Skibiski, (805) 338-9339 or

Business and Arts Degree

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