California Master Photographer Degree

The California Master Photographer Degree is PPC’s most prestigious degree. It is earned through a combination of service merits, speaking merits and exhibition merits.

Recipients of the degree are awarded a medallion recognizing their achievement. The California Master Photography medallion is presented to recipients at the annual PPC awards event. The individuals earning this degree are allowed to use the designation M-PPC after his/her name. The medallion should be worn at all PPC events and when making presentations.


Exhibition Merits

  • 15 PPC Exhibition Merits
  •  No more than four prints may be scored for the degree in a calendar year.
  •  Images scoring 80-84 will receive one merit; 85 and above, two merits.

Service Merits

  • 10 PPC Service Merits per the Schedule of Merits

Speaking Merits

  • 5 Speaking Merits per the Schedule of Merits


Image Comp Merit totals by Member as of 12/31/2023

Masters Degree List of recipients Dec 2023

2023 Merit Totals