Fellowship Degree

The Fellowship Degree (or “Fellow”) was created to encourage professional photographers in California to strive to receive state and local recognition for their photographic skills.

As of 2014, the Fellowship Award has been replaced by the Master Photographer Award. Those who have previously earned the Fellowship Award may continue to wear the Medallion.

The degree recognizes the photographic accomplishments of those individuals who are motivated toward excellence and originality in professional photography.

An individual is eligible to receive the title of  “Fellow” after accumulating twenty (20) fellowship merits in print competitions.

Fellowship merits are awarded only for Western States or Professional Photographers of California State Print Competitions.

One merit is awarded for each competition print scoring 78 and 79. One additional merit is awarded for each competition print scoring 80 or above.

No more than eight fellowship merits may be received in one year. The applicant must be a member of Professional Photographers of California for a minimum of three continuous years prior to receiving the award.

The award consists of a stamped medallion recognizing the degree recipient. The individual earning this degree is allowed to use the designation F-PPC after his/her name.