Service Award

The Professional Photographers of California Service Award was created to recognize members who are active within the organization. It is achieved by earning merits doing work that provides services to our association and to the photographic community.

The silver Service Medallion should be worn at all photographic functions and while making presentations.

This Award is designed to demonstrate to your peers and customers your expertise and efforts to improve your profession. In other words, it can be used as a real marketing tool for your business. Your clients will be impressed by your achievement on the State level! Once you have earned 25 service merits you will receive the silver Service Medallion at the annual PPC Awards event.

After you have earned your Service Medallion and continue to earn merits, you will then receive a Service Bar for each subsequent 25 service merits you earn. These Bars are worn on the ribbon attached to your Service Medallion.

You can earn merits for virtually everything you do in helping PPC function, and even for serving within your own affiliate.

2023 Service Merit requests MUST be submitted no later than November 15, 2023

2023 Service Merit Request Form is available HERE

Click the link below to see your totals.

Service Merit Totals



  • 25 service merits are required for the Service Award.
  • Recipient of the award must have been a PPC member in good standing for the three continuous years prior to receiving it.
  • No Exhibition merits will be counted towards the Service Award.
  • The California Masters Degree and Service Awards may be received in the same year, provided all the requirements for both are fully met.
  • Individuals not sure of their earned Service Award merits, or who question the awarding of merits, must submit written questions to the Committee Chairman.
  • No merits shall be awarded for participation in any PPA sponsored activity unless otherwise specified in these articles.
  • No merits will be awarded for any activity for which the individual is a paid employee of Professional Photographers of California.
  • Individuals must apply for the Service Award merits with application form obtained online and follow the instructions on the form.
  • Service merits are reported on an annual basis – electronically on the PPC website.
  • Merits are awarded for the efforts you expend on both the State and Affiliate level.
  • If you have questions about the PPC Service Award, contact Rebecca Li at
  • You have probably already earned Service merit points; apply for them today. You’ll have the required 25 merits before you know it and receive an award you can use as a marketing tool for your business!