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PPC Qualified Judges – Aug 2023

Judging Academy Refresher Workshop

Photographic image competition in California has taken a very strong position with the advent of the PPC Judging Academy. Over the last two years over 120 members have taken advantage of the PPC Judging Academy and our affiliates can now present higher quality judging. Now that two years have gone by, it is important that we keep our qualified judges up to date and qualified. To remain on the list, it is necessary that each qualified judge take a refresher course every two years.

The PPC Judging Academy is announcing the qualified judge’s refresher workshop. Workshops will begin in late January. Each member on the current qualified judges list will receive an invitation to attend a workshop near them. The Judging Academy will work with the PPC Affiliates to facilitate the location of the workshops. Each workshop will be 2 to 3 hours and will cover judging procedures. Changes to the rules are occurring faster than ever before and this class will allow our judges to remain current.

To attend this workshop, you must be on the qualified judges list. There is no exception to this requirement. The information covered in the original all day workshop is the primary foundation for both workshops. This refresher workshop will concentrate on judging specifics and rule updates. There will be time for in depth discussion.

About the Image Judging Academy

In an effort to significantly improve the quality and consistency of image judging at the affiliate level, a series of workshops, sponsored by PPC, will be conducted throughout the state by Tim Mathiesen (M.Photog.Cr. F-ASP, PPA National Jury Chairman). Even if you don’t plan to be a judge but want to learn more about the image competition, you are encouraged to attend. The cost to attend this all day training is $129.00 for PPC Members and $179.00 for non-members. PPC Premium members may attend at $99. Each member who attends will be listed for two years on the PPC Qualified Jurors listing in the PPC website. Every two years, a refresher course will be offered so that member can remain on the list and stay current with the current image competition rules. This workshop is an all day event.

All PPC affiliates will be given a list of those who have taken the workshop and passed an evaluation at the conclusion of the workshop.

The workshops will cover all aspects of the judging process including:

  • Digital vs. print judging
  • The 12 Elements of the competition image
  • The competition categories: what they mean and how to judge them
  • Terminology
  • Scoring details (update on scoring procedures)
  • Challenges (how to make your challenges effective)
  • Ideology
  • Image presentation
  • Juror conduct
  • The role of the panel moderator
  • Other rules that govern the entire image competition process


Judging Refresher Workshop with Pete Rezac