Photoshop Life Hacks

Create A Three Image Pano in Seconds!

Creating your three image pano in seconds has never been easier now that Photoshop has introduced the “New Guide Layout.” You no longer have to add guides then measure and measure and measure them. It’s easy.

Open a new file – I made this one 15” x 5”. Go to view – New Guide Layout. Fill in the blanks, I chose three columns and one row with the space for images at three inches by three inches. It fills in the gutter and margins for you on this instance. Then click OK. How hard was that? You now have the guides in place to drop your images into.

michael article illustration


Oh, by the way, you can’t do this in Photoshop CS6 or earlier, you need to have Photoshop CC and have it up to date.

[Michael Collins is an award winning photographer from Santa Barbara County. He is a Past-President of the Professional Photographers of California, and has served as the President of the Gold Coast Professional Photographers Association for ten years.  He was a Photoshop instructor at the West Coast School of Photography for 2015 & 2016.]